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The 2011, is the national "1025" in the beginning, but also wal-mart as a group to exhibition year. Review of 14 years through the process, is constantly forge ahead, development and expansion of the course.

The new situation, new opportunities to bring new opportunities for new challenge, in "means 1025" beginning years, wal-mart as a group will take a more mature steady steps, gripping the market demand and strive to improve service quality, increase the company reputation, grasp the period of strategic opportunities, developing new situation. Company staff will take "my end is not wide" bearing, grasping the island tianjin colleagues, solid work together to create more achievements.
Companies adhering to the "rigorous, integrity, respect, harmonious" core values, and taking the rigorous work style, honest personhood, integrity work; Respect for customers, for enterprise win social, respect for constructing the harmonious society, the building of a harmonious world to make due contributions. Adhere to the scientific attitude for humanity and earth in positive health contribution strength, introduction, digestion, absorption Japanese island tianjin advanced products and technology, service analysis in scientific research colleges and universities, chemical, environmental protection at the same time, fully understand the user first, service supreme management policy, sustain and old customers, develop new clients through recommending best product mix, provide high quality service, win the customer respect and trust.
Long-term since, wal-mart da company is island tianjin analysis instrument freelance agents, overall agency island tianjin making leading scientific instruments products. Through the specialized operations, users throughout the country more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions, business involves the petrochemical industry, pharmacy, food, medicine, quality inspection, universities, scientific research, and other more than ten profession, the company is Beijing, jilin, gansu province, heilongjiang and other government procurement department qualified supplier.
14 years, wal-mart reaches the company and island tianjin company together, create brilliance. The company successively in jilin, heilongjiang and gansu offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong, China set up overseas branch, the company existing 70 employees, including college degree or above 48 people, master's or higher degree seven people, the company business department is complete, equipped with perfect engineer team. At present, the company is the collectivized, specialization, internationalization development. By 2010, the company turnover topped 2 million yuan.
Wal-mart as a group in the career developing fully realize enterprise should do their social responsibility and feeling the scientific connotation of sustainable development, and hope to work through their own development and efforts, for human's science development and social harmony progress and rational utilization of environment and resources as a liability. 2011, wal-mart of China's sustainable development by science and technology group for a formal member unit of research absorbing; By wal-mart as a group and Japan established jointly funded cyanazine island "wal-mart reach (island tianjin) environment training fund" will start, and will 1025 "period, in the" national environmental monitoring for capacity building to help him out.
To perform the corporate social responsibility is the fundamental standpoint future sustainable development, we advocate scientific enterprise society responsibility view, efforts to practical action to practice the social responsibility of the enterprise, establish global responsibility idea, consciously will social responsibility into operation strategy, improve the management pattern, the pursuit of economic and social benefits in harmony.
Face to the future, we will continue to adhere to the "integrity of management, customer first" business philosophy, and constantly improve the level of management, earnestly perform their social responsibility, wholeheartedly provides the first-class products and service to create and upgrade the use value of users for products, with the domestic and international friends to further enhance mutual understanding, strengthen cooperation, hand in hand, create beautiful future.
Let me take this opportunity, on behalf of the company all staff to support our friends to all the leaders, to express our heartfelt thanks.
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