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Company Profile:
       Establishment: August 18th, 1997
       Registered number:  1101052248638 (1-1)
       Legal representative: Dai Chengwei
       Registered Capital:    5,000,000 RMB Yuan 
       Total employee:   69 employees including MBA and Master Degree 18 persons, Bachelor       Degree   48   persons. HED Group has 36 sales and 16 professional engineers.
       Company business fields: Distribution and sales for SHIMADZU analytical instruments.

        Beijing HED Science and Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional and senior distributor for SHIMADZU analytical instruments. HED Group is completely distributing a numbers of scientific equipments and advanced analytical instruments of SHIMADZU products which including Gas Chromatograph, Liquid Chromatograph, UV-Visible Spectrometer, FT-IR Spectrometer, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, GC-MS, LC-MS ICP, ICP-MS Electro Analytical Balance etc.
        HED Ltd is one of the top level members of analytical instrument agent for China Petroleum Electro Business Network as well as the member of instrument supply for Sinopec Jilin, Sinopec Lanzhou, Sinopec Liaoyang and Sinopec Dushanzi. A number of client in Chemical Petroleum fields including Yanshan Petrochemical Inc. Tianjin Petrochemical Inc. Han’nan Oil Refining Inc. Qingdao Oil Refining Inc. Beijing Petrochemical Research Institute etc. have close business relationship with HED Group. In the past years, HED Group has cooperated with SHIMADZU providing excellent products and service for clients in Petrochemical, environmental, life science fields. Meanwhile,
        HED Group has built high reputation and good result. In 2010, HED Group archived annual sales amount exceeds 210 million RMB. HED Group has acquired the independent import and export license since 2007 and the following is some basic information about company performance.
1  General Information
       (1) Company Name:    Beijing HED Science and Trade Co., Ltd.(HED Group)
                         Address:      Meihui Building Unit D, Suite 701, Dongzhong Street,
                                                  Dongcheng District, Beijing, P. R. China, 100027
                         Telephone:  010-6554 3491 / 92 / 93 / 94
                         Fax:                010-6554 3326

       (2) Head Office Outside China:
                         HED GROUP CORPORATION
                         Address:           902 Sheila Court, Campbell, CA 95008, U. S. A.
                         Telephone:   1- 408-679 2463
                         Fax:                 1- 408-374 3876
                         HED GROUP LIMITED Hongkong
                         Address:       RM 1701(154) 17/F Henan Building 90 Jaffe Wan Chai HK
                         Telephone:    852-66756345
                         Fax:                 852-66755962
       (3) Branches of the Company:
                         Jilin Provincial: BranchChangchun Wanfang Goods and  Materials    Trade Co.,  Ltd.
                          Address:    No. 415, East Zhonghua Road, Changchun, Jilin Province,P. R. China
                          Telephone:  0431-88963500 
                          Fax:               0431-88968500
        (4)Lanzhou Branch:                 
                           Beijing HED Science and Trade Co., Ltd. 
                           Address: Room 1306,Yangguang Building, Qingyang Road, chengguan District,   
                                                 Lanzhou, Gansu Province, P. R. China
                           Fax:             0931-8451596
2  Business introduction:
        The company since its establishment in 1997, has been engaged in the distribution of analytical instruments especilly for the Europ, United States,Japan, and other major instrument manufacturers. The main products include: GC, LC, AA, GC/MS, LC/MS, FT-IR, UV-VIS, ICP, X-Ray, TOC, etc. The company pays attention to the professional training of new employee, good after-sales service and team work. The end-users are all over 20 Chinese provinces and cover multi-industries such as the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, medicine, quality control, institutions of scientific research.
 Main products:
         As of authorized agent, we provide Shimadzu (Japan) Analytical Instruments: GC, LC, AA, GC/MS, LC/MS, FT-IR, UV-VIS, ICP, X-Ray, TOC, etc.
         As of authorized agent, we provide Millipore Ultrapure Water Systems: Milli-Q Century, Super-Q, 
Simplicity, Synergy and etc.
3. Yearly Turnover For the Last Three Years: 
       Year                 Turnover (RMB)
       2010                 210,000,000yuan
       2009                 132,010,000yuan
       2008                 106,410,000yuan
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